Day: October 10, 2023

How to Construct a Construction Tennis Court

construction tennis court

A construction tennis court is a good investment for any property owner who enjoys the time-honored game of tennis. This racket sport is a great way to get some exercise, and it’s a fun activity that you can enjoy with family members or friends. A home tennis court also saves money over paying club fees and traveling to play elsewhere.

The first step in constructing a tennis court is to choose the right location. It’s best to consult with a sports facility design and construction firm to find the ideal spot for your court. The location chosen will determine many other aspects of the project, including what type of surface you’ll use and the kind of extras you may want to add.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Tennis Court: From Planning to Play

Once the site is chosen, you’ll need to clear the area of any grass, trees, or other debris. It’s important to have the proper slope for drainage, and you should also consider if the soil composition can support the court. If not, you’ll need to install drainage pipes or build a retaining wall.

You’ll also need to decide what kind of tennis court you want to build. Some people prefer to have asphalt courts, while others like the more durable post-tension concrete option. Both options have their own advantages, and you can choose the one that works best for your lifestyle. If you plan on playing in the evening, you’ll need to add lighting for safety and visibility.