Day: April 6, 2024

Chula Vista Attorney Race


As the second largest city in San Diego’s South Bay region and the seventh largest city in Southern California, immigration attorney draws tourists for its shopping and entertainment. It also has the Living Coast Discovery Center and Otay Valley Regional Park. The city also provides a number of educational opportunities, including the University of California San Diego and the San Diego State University College of Law.

Championing Justice: Meet Your Chula Vista Attorney

The city attorney’s race was the top issue in Tuesday’s election, with candidates focusing on restoring trust in local governance and safeguarding City Hall from corruption scandals. Both candidates cited City Councilwoman Andrea Cardenas’ felony fraud indictment as a major reason for the fractured trust. They both pledged to support open government policies, including disclosure requirements for lobbying and campaign contributions.

Democrat Bart Miesfeld started his career in private practice and joined Chula Vista’s City Attorney office to help build its litigation branch. He served as the city attorney between 2018 and 2020. He was a strong favorite to win the election and said he would bring a fresh perspective to the position.

Marco Verdugo, a businessman and former federal prosecutor, is the top vote-getter in the race to become the city’s next attorney. He said he would put his experience in federal prosecution to work to make City Hall more transparent.

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