A Firming Body Lotion That Won’t Solidify Your Butt

A Firming Body Lotion That Won’t Solidify Your Butt

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One of the most frequently purchased body lotions is the Firming Body Cream. It has received rave reviews and numerous awards, such as being “The Best Body Cream Ever.” Is it simply a bunch of old (and somewhat expensive) chemicals? Or, is there something else going on here?

What’s in this product that makes it so great?

Some of the ingredients found in Firming Body Lotion have been in the news lately due to either their ability to help with the body’s elasticity or their pleasant scent. The main ingredient is considered safe and effective by most consumers, and it does provide some benefit to the skin. However, it is the other ingredients that give the lotion its unique ability to improve elasticity – because it also contains a substance called dimethicone. This has been scientifically proven to provide benefits to the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and durability. It has been included in the US Food and Drug Administration’s safety database since sometime in the 90s, and so it has had no serious side effects or problems that have been reported.

Dimethicone provides the firming body lotion with its unique ability to make the skin feel firmer – because it makes the skin “stretchy” which helps it retain its shape. Other ingredients in this formula have also been scientifically proven to improve skin elasticity: Babassu, Maracuja, and Avocado. All of these ingredients contribute to smoothing and firming the texture of the skin, so the user will not have an “oozing” feeling after application. The only drawback to this formula is the occasional “solid” mass that some users have experienced, but these seem to be isolated incidents.

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