Bicycle Baskets

Bicycle Baskets

bicycle baskets

Bicycle baskets are a convenient way to add storage to your bicycle. They let you haul things like water bottles, umbrellas, and a rain jacket without adding extra weight to your front or rear wheel.

Whether you need a rear basket for hauling groceries or a front bike basket for gear storage, we have options that fit every riding situation and budget. These baskets come in a variety of styles, including wicker, plastic and metal mesh, to fit your preferences.

Rear basket – A popular cargo attachment that can be mounted above the rear wheel of a bike. They often have a hard-sided design, which can improve handling and stability.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bicycle Basket for Your Needs and Lifestyle

A rear basket is a great choice for errands that require more than 15 pounds of cargo, because it can support more without making your bike’s front end wobbly and impeding steering. It’s also easier to mount than a rack-mounted front basket, because it’s more likely to stay put.

Classic workhorse – This classic basket was beloved by many aging bike messengers with bad backs and is still a good option for hauling about 15 pounds of stuff around town. It clamps to a standard rear rack with three screw-on clamps, and the sides collapse when you’re not using it.

Quick-release mount – If you’re constantly scrounging your bike for a basket, opt for one that comes with a quick-release mechanism to easily remove it when you get off. That’s especially handy when you’re heading to a farmers market or other destination that requires an additional basket, as you don’t have to worry about hauling the weight of it.

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