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A Guide to Leather Jackets

eather Jackets are an extremely versatile piece of clothing that can be worn for many different purposes. For instance, a leather jacket (also referred to as a pea jacket or field jacket) is a jacket-like garment-usually a short jacket-that is generally made of the skin of various animals, and usually dyed in black or different shades of brown. Leather jackets are generally a lining type garment that has been stitched to give it its shape. These garments can come with a zipper up the side or a button front. Some coats have removable liners so the wearer can just remove the liner if they get too warm.

Leather Jackets Through Modern History

Classic leather jackets usually features a zipper up the side of the jacket, which is opened when the wearer is wearing the jacket. Most of the time, these jackets will feature two or three interior zippered pockets as well as one or two outside snap pockets. The inside of the pockets may feature snap closures or buttons, while the outside pockets are usually left open.

Leather flight jackets are one type that are often featured in fashion shows and other publicity oriented events. This type of jacket is made with a cowhide leather lining and features two or three interior pockets as well as a snap closure at the throat. Many modern day flight jackets feature synthetic materials for comfort and to keep the wearer warm on cold winter flights. Some of these jackets even feature a warm lining that helps make them very comfortable.