Electrical & Fire Safety Compliance and Maintenance

Electrical & Fire Safety Compliance and Maintenance

Electrical & fire safety compliance is a top priority for industrial facilities. In 2016, businesses spent $170 billion on injuries and related costs. In addition to the risks of accidents, improperly maintained electrical equipment can contribute to hazardous conditions. For example, improperly maintained lighting can cause a blaze. Regular maintenance of these appliances can help to prevent fires. In addition, these types of hazards may be more dangerous than you may realize. Click Here – test and tag

How to Do Electrical & Fire Safety Compliance and Maintenance


NFPA 70E is a set of recommendations for electrical safety, and is used by insurance companies and municipal building inspectors. These guidelines outline best practices for proper electrical safety and have been used since the 1940s. NFPA 70E is a specialized code for healthcare facilities, and focuses on hazards related to arc flash, arc blast, and electricity.

Fire safety systems are an important aspect of office building maintenance. Proper maintenance is necessary for effective protection from fire and electrical hazards. Regular professional inspections are a must for these systems. Furthermore, batteries in safety alarms should be changed to ensure that they operate properly. In addition, the safety systems should also be inspected for proper operation. The electrical system should also be serviced and tested.

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