Orange Crystals

Orange Crystals

Orange Crystals are laced with the fiery energy of red stones, only much more creative and gentle on a spiritual level. These gems encourage you to use your creativity and personal power to find true joy and happiness. They help you become more friendly, generous, and humble. They are also great for helping you overcome shyness and distrust.

Often connected to the sacral chakra, and sometimes the solar plexus chakra, Orange Crystals can be very helpful for relieving doubts, deep-seated fears, boosting energy, and ultimately bringing back your self-belief and creative spark in life. They can also help you strengthen your relationships and bring pure joy into them, which is an elusive but truly life-changing emotion.

Light orange gemstones like agates and citrines can help you enjoy companionship, affection, encouragement, generosity, kindness, loyalty, and popularity. They can also increase your sensitivity to the needs of others and help you develop a greater sense of community and a feeling of home. Dark orange crystals such as carnelian and spessartite garnet are also known for their healing powers in the pelvic area, helping with PMS and balancing the lower functions including bowels and bladder.

Harnessing the Vibrant Energy: The Magic of Orange Crystals

Remember to cleanse your Orange Crystals regularly, especially if you have been handling them a lot. This is because they get exposed to a lot of different energies through the distribution process, transportation, and the store they are sold in, before you actually buy them. Simply putting them outside in the soothing sun during sunrise and sunset will cleanse them and recharge them. Alternatively, you can also bury them in the earth overnight or use smudging techniques to clear them of negative energies.

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