Raw Milk Cheese From Switzerland

Raw Milk Cheese From Switzerland

raw milk cheese from Switzerland

Raw milk cheese from Switzerland has been popular for many years due to the high-quality and consistent taste of this type of cheese. The term raw is actually a misnomer as this type of cheese does not contain any milk at all; it is made entirely from natural raw ingredients. These types of cheeses are grown in areas where milk production is minimal and they are aged a minimum of three months before being packaged for sale. This allows the cheese to retain much of its higher nutritional value that would be lost with pasteurization. See website for more


There are two different types of raw milk cheese from Switzerland that can be bought in the United States: Gruyere and Cantaloupe. Both of these cheeses are produced in locations in which milk production is high and both have wide appeal among cheese lovers. Although you may be familiar with both types of cheese, there are subtle variations between each cheese making them distinctive and delicious tasting. Each of these cheeses is aged differently and their flavor varies as well. Some cheeses will have a more mild flavor, while others may have a sharp or salty taste.


You can buy raw milk cheese from Switzerland that is aged for up to a year and is then packed in individual packages. However, you can purchase pasteurized raw milk cheeses in most stores that sell cheeses. These cheeses are usually washed and processed to eliminate any bacteria or germs, although the moisture levels may have been reduced to reduce spoilage. If you would like to know how to make your own raw milk cheese, check out our website and learn the easy steps.

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