Wet Pour Playground Surface

Wet Pour Playground Surface

wet pour playground surface

Wet pour playground surface is an impact absorbing rubber safety surfacing designed to create safe, soft flooring for children’s play areas. It is often used to create multi-use games areas (MUGAS), daily mile tracks and more. Wet pour is a popular choice for schools, daycare centers, and recreational facilities because it’s durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting, comfortable to walk on (almost like a spongy-like surface), and safe (it meets critical fall height requirements).

It’s made of two layers, with a black base layer of coarse recycled granules bound together and a coloured top layer of much finer granules that are bound by a polyurethane binder. This is mixed together onsite and installed to the correct depth dependant on the equipment being used. Once the system has cured, a variety of designs and patterns can be created.

Designing a Dream Playground: Exploring Wet Pour Surface Options

When compared to alternatives, wet pour is the best choice for school playgrounds that want pattern design, long-lasting bright colours, and a product that can suppress weed growth. It’s also a good option for playgrounds that don’t want the expense and time associated with ground works.

Another popular alternative to poured-in-place rubber is playground tiles or mats. These are easy to replace if they’re worn or damaged, and they look like natural grass, which helps kids feel more comfortable playing on them. They’re also handicap accessible, which is great for older kids or anyone with mobility issues. They’re usually easier to clean, too. However, they’re not as shock-absorbent as poured in place rubber, and may not meet critical fall height standards.

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