What Are Funeral Directors?

What Are Funeral Directors?

A funeral director, also called a mortuary or undertaker, is an expert, usually employed by, or associated with, a funeral home. These jobs involve the direct handling of the deceased’s remains after his or her death; including the arrangements, transportation and burial of the body. Although some funeral directors are funeral specialists and deal exclusively with funerals, other work in mortuaries and oversee the funeral planning, payment and distribution of the deceased’s remains. Most directors work directly with the families, but some will also deal with clients who have other interests or other sections of the community. Funeral homes generally appoint a single funeral director to coordinate all tasks relating to the funeral.

Why need Funeral Directors?

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The funeral industry has experienced remarkable growth over the past quarter century, and there has been a parallel increase in the number of funeral directors. In recent years, there has been a steadily increasing demand for funeral directors in cities large and small throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. This is particularly so where population increases have tended to outstrip the expansion of funeral homes. This has led to an increased demand for funeral directors to cater for the increasing number of dying individuals. Many people now seek the help of funeral directors to make the transition from life to death smooth and memorable for friends and family members.

Many funeral directors now offer specialized funeral practices that concentrate on some individual styles of funerals. Specialty funeral practices often have a focus on religious ceremonies, Celtic and Christian traditions, Jewish burial traditions and traditional Asian themes. Some even offer non-religious services in compliance with the wishes of the deceased.

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