What Does Wholesale Body Piercing Mean?

What Does Wholesale Body Piercing Mean?

There are three different things that people will talk about when they refer to buying Your Wholesale Body Jewelry Destination in bulk. The most common is simply purchasing body jewelry in large quantities (buying in bulk). The second is buying pre-assorted bags of body jewelry that are sold at closeout prices (buying in volume). The third option is to purchase wholesale body jewelry directly from the manufacturer (buying in substantial quantity) This is not usually a viable option for small tattoo and piercing shops because of the minimum order sizes that body jewelry manufacturers require.

Accessorize with Edge: Wholesale Body Piercing Trends to Watch

Body piercings are holes that are made in the skin for the purpose of wearing jewelry. These holes can be found on the ears, nose, belly button, or tongue. Most piercings are made with a needle and then a piece of jewelry is inserted into the hole. It is important to have a reputable piercing studio and a licensed piercer perform your piercing. The piercer will use a sterile needle to reduce the chances of infection. The piercing will be very sore for a few days after the procedure and there may be swelling and tenderness. If you don’t take care of your piercings you could get serious infections like hepatitis or tetanus.

Body piercing jewelry is not processable like other types of jewelry because the pierced holes are exposed to blood and bacteria. Also, piercings are sized very specifically so that the jewelry will fit properly. If the piercing is too tight or too loose it will not be comfortable.

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