What is a Component Speaker?

What is a Component Speaker?

component speaker

A component speaker is an automobile stereo speaker fitted as part of the head unit for optimum sound quality. In most cases, a set of subwoofers and tweeters are fitted in pairs so that each speaker can accurately reproduce the frequency range each driver needs to faithfully reproduce. Component speakers often come with extra crossovers that can be configured to match the output from each speaker. Component sets are commonly found in vehicle audio installations. See here for more- https://www.landroverbar.com/best-component-speakers/


One advantage of component speaker systems is that they produce a better sound quality than their single-core counterparts, which tend to cut through sound vibrations and produce sounds with a distorted tonal quality. The disadvantage of component sets is that the larger the speaker, the more it will cost to maintain and the larger the enclosure required will also increase its size and price. Single cone speakers can be much less expensive because they don’t need to have a large enclosure and because there are many different sizes and shapes of single cone speakers.


Each component speaker will need an amplifier that can drive the speaker so that it produces the best sound quality possible. Many component speakers can be installed directly into a power amplifier but many people prefer to use an amplifier that can drive the speakers and send the amplified signal into another device, such as a CD player or equalizer. In addition, some amplifiers have features that allow it to process the speaker signals before feeding them into the signal chain of a CD player or other player. This processing feature is called buffering. Another option is to have separate speakers feeding into an amplifier that drives the signal chain directly to the amplifier can process the audio before feeding it into the speaker.

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