What Is Private Rehab?

What Is Private Rehab?

Private Rehab refers to privately owned and operated addiction treatment centers that are funded through admission fees rather than government funding. Private rehabs can offer a range of services including residential drug and alcohol treatment, private medical detox, and many different therapeutic options for individuals with mental health issues or substance abuse concerns. Generally speaking, private rehabs tend to focus more on the guest experience and can often be found offering extended amenities, various therapy approaches, and various lifestyle focuses for those in recovery.

Having a higher staff to client ratio than public programs, private rehabs can usually offer more one-on-one guidance and counseling. They can also often offer a greater range of therapies, which can be beneficial for people with unique backgrounds and situations. For example, some forms of therapy may be more effective with certain types of health histories or drugs of abuse than others.

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In general, a typical day at a private rehab starts with morning group or individual therapy sessions. This may be followed by a meal or scheduled time for an activity. The afternoon may be reserved for family therapy or a variety of other specialized programs. Some examples include wilderness therapy, executive drug rehabilitation, LGBTQ-friendly rehabs, and more.

The cost of Private Rehab can vary greatly, depending on the facility and services offered. However, there are many financing options for those looking to attend a private rehab program. Some private rehabs may accept health insurance, which can help reduce or eliminate out of pocket expenses. Others are available on a sliding fee scale or may offer deferred payment plans.

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