Choosing a Mushroom Supplement

Choosing a Mushroom Supplement


A high-quality mushroom supplement is a powerful addition to any diet. Depending on the mushrooms and ingredients used, they can boost cognitive health, support digestion and liver function, promote immune health, reduce inflammation and increase energy levels. They may also help with weight loss by promoting metabolic function, reducing blood sugar levels, and lowering cholesterol.

Extract Elixirs: Harnessing the Healing Power of Mushroom Extracts

When selecting a mushroom supplement, it’s important to consider the form, extraction type and dosing. Most high-quality mushroom supplements contain a blend of several different species. The recommended doses vary by the combination of mushrooms used in the formula and can range from a low of 300mg per day up to 1200mg per day. Dosage amounts can be adjusted based on individual needs, and many supplements come in capsule or tablet form for easy dosing. The supplement can also be taken in a powder or tea to avoid the bitter mushroom taste, or even added to coffee to create a mushroom “coffee” blend.

Another important factor when choosing a mushroom supplement is how the mushrooms are harvested. A quality product will use a dual-extraction process to maximize the health-supporting molecules of the mushrooms. Beta glucans are polar molecules that require water, while triterpenoids and other lipid-based compounds are non-polar and need to be extracted with ethanol. This ensures that all the beneficial molecules are captured and is a standard that all top-quality mushroom supplements will follow. This will also allow for more accurate dosing compared to single-species mushroom products.

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