Nicotine Pouch Research Needs to Improve Oral and Systemic Health

Nicotine Pouch Research Needs to Improve Oral and Systemic Health

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Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and have fewer carcinogens than traditional cigarettes or other smokeless products. They are easy to conceal and come in a variety of flavors (peppermint, coffee, citrus) that appeal to children and young adults. These factors make them an appealing alternative to chewing or smoking tobacco, but they have many of the same risks and are a source of nicotine addiction.Resource:

They also can cause gum damage, mouth ulcers, cardiovascular problems and nausea. It is crucial to understand whether these emerging oral nicotine products (ONPs) impede users’ attempts to give up risky tobacco and nicotine products and if they promote relapse among those who have quit or are trying to stop using risky tobacco and nicotine products.

Nicotine Pouches and Addiction: Understanding Nicotine Dependency

Pouch use is rapidly gaining popularity, with some studies suggesting that it may be a less addictive alternative to traditional smoking or vaping. But long-term research on this product is limited, so we don’t know yet how harmful it is.

Unlike e-cigarettes, which are highly regulated in most countries and regions, nicotine pouches are an emerging category of tobacco products that are largely unregulated. This lack of regulatory oversight means that nicotine pouches are not subject to age restrictions and there is no requirement to pay tobacco taxes. This can promote a new generation of nicotine and tobacco users and undermine efforts to reduce the prevalence of smoking.

To help address the gaps in our knowledge of this product, we’re calling for more scientific studies. This includes assessing if and how nicotine pouches affect periodontal and systemic health, identifying new biomarkers like inflammatory mediators and miRNAs, and exploring the potential for anti-inflammatory medications to improve oral and systemic health in people who use these products.

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